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What my clients say

"Davi is an excellent web designer and developer who is highly responsive, proactive, and receptive to feedback. He is a pleasure to work with, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any web design or development project."

Emanuel Peres
Brand Motion Designer

"Davi is a true web design ninja. He took all my quirks and turned them into something incredibly beautiful and functional. I was amazed by his creativity and how he understood exactly what I wanted."

Joanna Schmidt
Art Director

I'm Davi!

Passionate about technology since an early age, I graduated in Web Development from the American school Treehouse

When I'm not immersed in codes and projects, two of my favorite pastimes are playing the piano and taking photographs. Capturing moments and emotions through lenses is an extremely rewarding and meditative experience for me. Seeing the world through art is a way to express what goes beyond words.

Inclusion is something very important to me, and I take pride in identifying myself as LGBT. Embracing diversity and creating a welcoming space for everyone is essential to me.

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